April 03, 2008

Our Son

So the other night, Juju and I are in bed reading. Mackinaw, all of a sudden, shows great interest in something that is behind the door. In the corner of my eye I see the bedroom door gradually closing, and then fall back open. This occured 3-4 times. I nudged Juju and we just watched him. Mackinaw nudged the door closed to get his anticipated target, but once the door's spring loaded hinge would bring the door back wide open, Mackinaw would bolt out of the way with a crazed look in his eye. Mackinaw was completely oblivious that we were watching him. Anyways, we couldnt take it anymore and Juju burst out laughing. Mackinaw, embarrased because of our laughing bolted in and got what he was hunting for --a small bit of food! Mac's behavior was so funny. Our dog sure is a goof ball.


April 01, 2008

Stock Market Frenzy

So, this year im going to try my hand in the stock market. I've always wanted to, but never really took that giant leap. So, as a newbie to the art of buying, selling, and trading stocks, I'm going to take the plunge. I decided to invest 100 dollars into the stock market. Most buy options center around a 60 day hold period. So, after 60 days I will give a report as to how my money in the stock market fared.

I'll keep everyone updated

March 31, 2008

Conflicting Interests

This weekend I stumbled across some signs that engaged my cynical side.

The first occured while I was driving down Washington Blvd. In front of me was a very nice Volvo that had a license plate cover which stated: Love Animals - Don't Eat Them
I couldn't help but notice how the luxury sedan's seats were draped in fine leather. A little conflict here? Am I being too Cynical? Can you really be a "professed" animal lover and a fan of leather seats?

Next, Wall Avenue. Bright and early in the morning I was driving to work when I drove past a small toyota truck that was obviously a work vehicle. On the side of the vehicle was a portion of Michaelangelo's "The Creation", you know, the one that we carelessly crop to only include the touching of the fingers? Anyways, on top of the decal was the quote "Custom Painting" Now, I realize that most likely the man does not create works to hang on the wall. But seriously, how "custom" can you really be if your company logo is lifted from Mickey Mike?

March 25, 2008

Mack is a grandchild, too!

This easter my inlaws held their annual easter egg hunt for the kiddos. It's always a very pleasant activity, watching the kids run around with wide eyes and smiles adorning their faces. While the children were seeking their eggs, Mack ran around the yard, encircled with the euphoria of the hunt. Upon discovery of an egg, Mack decided that he too would be a part of the fun. Without delay Mack opened his jaws and in went the egg. With his tail wagging at a high rate of speed, his sense of delight was evident. Almost immediatly the egg was pryed out of his mouth by his mother. I related this story to my mom who responded with: "He's a grandchild too, isn't he? He wanted some eggs, too!" I think next year we will find some doggie eggs for Mack. Yes mom, he is a grandchild indeed.


March 20, 2008

--New Research Sheds Light on Origins of Yellow Fever--

I was reading one of my textbooks last night (for my BYU classes) and I stumbled upon something I found quite interesting. Scientists have recently conducted many explorations into the history of disease in Latin America. One particular study attempted to determine the origin of all diseases in Post-Columbian, Latin America. Until recently, scientists assumed that yellow fever was brought over from Africa among the slave trades, devastating massive indigenous populations in Latin America. However, new research is pointing to an existing presence of yellow fever long before the arrival of old world explorers. Yellow fever is common to Africa and the Near East…which got me thinking…The family of Lehi…is it possible that this family brought over a strain of yellow fever with them? Might this be evidence of Near Eastern immigrants in Pre-Columbian America? I don't know. It's fun to think about, however.